Claudia Bonilla

Ms. Bonilla is a certified English teacher, educator, published author, and editor. She has proven experience in a leadership role as Director of the English Department for a recognized Mexico City School and University. She holds ELT degrees from Colegio Guadalupe, Universidad del Tepeyac, and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and a language proficiency diploma from the University of Michigan.

She was a teacher and teacher-trainer at Colegio Guadalupe in Mexico City for eight years. She was head of the English Department at Colegio del Tepeyac for eleven years. She is co-founder of the Teacher’s Training Course at Universidad del Tepeyac.

Ms. Bonilla has worked as an ELT author and editor for renowned publishing companies such as Larousse, Richmond -Santillana, Pearson, and Cambridge University Press. She is currently the English Coordinator at Instituto Cumbres Alpes Queretaro and is thrilled to start this new adventure!